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Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning & Maintenance

Dreading what’s in your gutters or the waterfall that cascades onto your property every time it rains? Notice that your garden seems to have also started sprouting from your eavestroughs? Or just like knowing you’re ready for the whatever the seasons may bring?

Whats in your gutterAt XTRAKLEAR,  we get down in the gutter, so you don’t have to.

We get the job done safely and thoroughly and we’ll provide you with before and after snapshots to put your mind at ease, it was done right.  Leaky corners, missing strainers, dangling downpipes, or other maintenance issues with your gutters? No problem, we do that too!

We don’t employ pressure based cleaning methods that could damage your gutter or roof, and our proprietary cleaning system doesn’t result in debris getting into your downpipes or result in gutter contents thrown onto your property. While we’re up there, we’ll perform a condition inspection and flow check to make sure you’re ready for whatever the weather may bring.

Why is gutter cleaning necessary?

A gutters job is to prevent water ingress into the building by directing the rainwater away from the exterior of the walls and your foundations.  Water getting on to walls could cause dampness in the affected rooms and provides a favourable environment for the growth of mould or wood rot.

Water dripping or flowing off roofs in an uncontrolled manner can harm property and fails to direct the water to the perimeter drains safely. No one wants puddles or a swimming pool in their backyard (unless it’s summertime!)

In the case of a flat roof,  proper drainage is essential to prevent water ingress and a build-up of excessive weight. And, of course, nobody appreciates being drenched by cascading water that should be flowing into the gutter, not onto you!

From Lands End in North Saanich to Oak Bay,  Langford and the Highlands, View Royal, Esquimalt, and the rest of Greater Victoria, our crews travel the distance to ensure your gutters are clean and free-flowing.

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